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The standard operating procedures involved in the processing of your order, once you have place it, are mentioned below:

Stage-1: Order Placement (1 working day)

Since our loyal customers hail from locations all over the world with contrasting time zones, so we tend to take a maximum of 24 hours to start processing your order. However, on some instances, your order might be processed after 12 hours of order placement.

Stage-2: Product Development Phase (4 to 5 working days)

During this stage, in accordance with your placed order, we perform the following tasks:Pattern and Design: We take care to ensure that your order product attains the shape, style, design and pattern as per the specifications you have given in your order. High-grade leather is used in this phase. Please note that we use fresh leather which gives off some specific smell but it is likely to go away in a couple of days. Hand-Stitching: Once the raw material has been moulded into the design of your preference, our skillful craftsmen then use their vast experience and expertise to give the material the shape, sheen and finish that you deserve. Quality Assurance: This is a vital segment of our product development phase. Our vigilant quality assurance staff inspects the finished product for any discrepancies or flaws before sanctioning its shipping. In case of any shortcomings, the product is again sent back to the relative section. The finished products are compared with the specifications given in the placed orders and utmost care is taken to avoid any deficiencies.

Shipping (4 to 6 working days)

At this point in time, we ship your ordered products to you via highly efficient and top-of-the-line courier services.

Delivery (1 working day)

Once shipped, your ordered product will be delivered to you within one working day. Please do not forget to submit your contact number (mobile or landline) during the order placement process as it is required by the Courier agencies to contact you in case you are not present at the location of delivery. Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] for further queries. If you require any assistance in selection of any product or having any trouble with sizes/measurements/dimensions, please email us at [email protected] with your specifications and the product of interest.