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Shipping Policy

We provide shipping facility to all countries in the world and offer reasonable shipping rates via renowned courier services.

Pakistan Nationals

Shipping is free for our customers in Pakistan. If for some reason, you have been deceived by some of the non-professionals in the market, who did not send you your purchased products despite your payments, and now you fear paying in advance, we have another solution for you. Our Cash on Delivery service will facilitate you to make the payment once your purchased product is received. In order to avail this service, you will have to pay no additional amount. Please note that this service is only for our customers in Pakistan. We strive to facilitate our customers in any possible way. So, we allow for flexible payment options.  Our customers in Pakistan can purchase our products via direct bank transfer in Standard Chartered Bank while no amount will have to be paid if you want our products to be delivered at your doorstep.

Foreign Nationals

However, our buyers abroad will have to pay an additional amount of $29.99 for first product and from second product shipping cost would be $19.99/- as worldwide shipping charges. We ensure that the quality of your purchased products remains intact during the entire shipping process. Our overseas customers can make their payments via PayPal which is one of the safest, secure and trouble free mechanisms for making online payments. Our Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption ensures the safety of your data and your sensitive financial information remains confidential.