About Peshawari Chappal

We Conceive and Translate our Client's Dreams into Reality.

“Peshawari Chappal”, is the most coveted cultural footwear in Pakistan. A unique blend of culture pride, comfort, and style; an authentic Peshwarai Chappal is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. PeshawariChappals.pk brings you beautifully-designed genuine Peshawari Chappals on our online store. We are proud to introduce high-quality Hand-made designs crafted by skillful craftsmen from Charsadda and Peshawar. Using grade A+ leather, our talented and Morosi artisans ensure that the Chappal you receive is a world class sandal tailored to suit your individual preferences, needs, choices and requirements. Our state-of-the-art quality assurance protocols and mechanisms make sure that our customers get excellent service delivery 24/7.

Attention to details

A Piece of Home, Away from Home.

Our online store is especially geared towards our Pakistani and Pakhtun brothers living abroad who find it difficult to find a hand-crafted Peshwarai Chappal in their foreign abode. We will help you stay connected to your heritage and culture by bringing the Chappal to your doorstep. Be it Eid, Independence Day, or any other festive occasion, you can easily log onto our online store and pick the Chappal of your favorite style, design, color and size.

Attention to details

Meet Our Talented Team

Get to know the people behind Intact. Our creative and technical team.

Cutting Leather
  • Muhammad Shoaib
  • |
  • Co-Founder

With an aim to promote Pakistani culture at a global stage, our co-founder, Muhammad Shoaib, is the perfect example of a modern-day entrepreneur. From product design to marketing, our co-founder has been heavily involved in all aspects of the business and also keeps a sharp eye on the quality of products.

Pattern Designer
  • Muhammad Jamal
  • |
  • Co-Founder

Our co-founder, Muhammad Jamal is the go-to guy when it comes to running the production line smoothly and without any hiccups. Moreover, with a natural talent for dealing with the people, he has also been helping the company sort out any issues that our customers might face when buying our products.

Pressing & Mold
  • Craftsman

Our talented craftsmen carry decades of experience and know all about chappals. Their invaluable knowledge about the making and selling of numerous chappals is what enables us to perfect our product quality and introduce different kinds of chappals and designs