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Our Story

Art, skill and craftsmanship are transferred from generations to generations. The centuries old techniques never die as the subsequent generations who are the custodians of their long lasting legacy are left with the sacred responsibility to keep them alive. Such is the tradition of the folks living in the south of Punjab province in Pakistan. Situated along the mighty River Indus, the name of the village is Quaidabad, a place rich in cultural values and abundant with artisans blessed with the most delicate of arts.

It is in this village where “Kalabagh” lived. He was a renowned artisan of the area who earned his living by stitching chappals, sandals and shoes made of leather. In addition, he also used his prolific skill in stitching wardrobe made of leather. But then came a devastating flood and the whole village perished. Among those who managed to flee the destruction brought by the natural calamity, Asad Ullah Khattak was one. He had lost his belongings and property but nothing could falter and deter his great courage.

Once the adverse effects of the flood subsided, Asad Ullah Khattak along with his like minded artisans and a bunch of educated nephews, decided to harness the tremendous power of the internet to introduce the world to his magical skills. And so came into existence of Peshawari Chappal Store. Supported by the unmatchable skill and craftsmanship of these battle-hardened artisans, we bring to you the most refined handcrafted products you will find anywhere.