Mustard Kaptaan
Mustard Kaptaan
Mustard Kaptaan
Mustard Kaptaan
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Mustard Kaptaan

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Unlike many businesses out there, we at Peshawari Chappals don’t see selling traditional shoes as a business. As Pakistanis, we consider it our responsibility to represent our country’s culture at all forums and that is why we make and sell high-quality Peshawari Chappals.

Like all our products, the Mustard Kaptaan pair is made with strong and high-durability leather upper that can easily withstand the wear and tear over time and stays shiny throughout its lifetime.

Our expert craftsmen use several different leather folding and skewing techniques to replace stitching and also add extra foam cushioning under leather lining. This process helps maximize the beauty of this pair and also ensures maximum comfort to the wearer.

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