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Kaptaan Chappal

These chappals are the best choice for the enthusiastic first timers because of the incredible comfort and ease they promise to offer. Kaptaan chappals are available in a variety of colors, skins and designs.

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Completely Hand Stitched Iconic Black Kaptaan Chappal – 092170

Make a statement with our exquisite Double Sole Black Kaptaan Chappal, a must-have in your shoe collection. The rich black color and double sole create…

Handmade Black Kaptaan Chappal – 092171

Black Peshawari Kaptaan Chappal Introducing the Black Kaptaan Chappal, a classic and timeless footwear choice that effortlessly combines tradition and contemporary style. Crafted in a rich…

Babbar Sher Kaptaan Chappal – 092192

Our Babbar Sher Kaptaan Chappal’s elegant look is exactly what people expect when looking for a pair of Kaptaan Chappals. Moreover, the high comfort and…

Handmade Black Suede Kaptaan Leather Chappal With Light Weight – 092104

Step in Style with Handmade Black Suede Kaptaan Leather Chappal! Elevate your footwear collection with our Handmade Black Suede Kaptaan Leather Chappal, a perfect blend of…

Black Kaptaan – 09295

Our famous Black Kaptaan Chappals have been voted a must-have by fans across the globe. If you are aiming for a traditional, classic and elegant…

Mustard Kaptaan – 09296

Unlike many businesses out there, we at Peshawari Chappals don’t see selling traditional shoes as a business. As Pakistanis, we consider it our responsibility to…

Top Quality Completely Hand Stitched Double Shade Kaptaan Chappal – 09281

Experience Excellence with Top-Quality Hand-Stitched Double Shade Kaptaan Chappal! Indulge in the epitome of craftsmanship with our Top-Quality Completely Hand-Stitched Double Shade Kaptaan Chappal. Meticulously crafted…

Handmade Blue Jeans Kaptaan Chappal With Light Weight – 092102

Infuse a touch of casual elegance into your style with our Handmade Blue Jeans Kaptaan Chappal. The unique blue jeans material adds a contemporary twist,…

Handmade Charsadda Kaptaan Chappal – 09259

Infuse Glamour and Vibrancy with Charsadda Kaptaan Chappal! Revitalize your wardrobe with our Charsadda Kaptaan Chappal, a perfect fusion of glamour, vibrant vibes, and unbeatable comfort.…

Handmade Mustard Charsadda Kaptaan Chappal – 092172

Step into a world of authenticity with our Handmade Mustard Charsadda Kaptaan Chappal. Meticulously crafted, this classic footwear is a testament to traditional artistry, featuring…